I practice Personalized Integrative Oncology, which involves combining the best of modern medicine with natural treatment therapies.

Safe & Effective

I believe this advanced form of cancer treatment should be safe, effective, and tailored to each patient’s specific and unique individual needs.

Advanced Care

Patients from across the country regularly travel to my clinic to take advantage of this personalized method of advanced cancer treatment.


To make sure my patients get the most cutting edge, yet compassionate care they need and deserve, I developed The Stegall Cancer Protocol.

“Patients cannot fight this battle alone,” Dr. Stegall said. “We strongly encourage spouses, family members, and friends to be involved in a supportive, loving way. For many patients, this is an opportunity to strengthen those relationships.”

“We tell patients, ‘You’re family when you become a patient here. We’re going to love you, lock arms with you, and go after this the best we can.”

Bottom line: integrative cancer treatment is a bridge between conventional medicine and natural medicine. We believe that the body responds well to this physician-directed treatment targeted to address your specific needs.”


Patient Feedback:

I saw patients getting better and better

As the days went by, I saw patients getting better and better, and at the end of their treatment they looked like completely healthy patients.

Sandy, GA

Would highly recommend Dr. Stegall

I am very pleased with my experience and would highly recommend Dr. Stegall to anyone looking for an integrative oncologist.

Teresa, TN

  • Brain Cancer

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  • Breast Cancer

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  • Colorectal Cancer

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  • Liver Cancer

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  • Lung Cancer

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  • Pancreatic Cancer

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  • Ovarian Cancer

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  • Prostate Cancer

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  • Stomach Cancer

    Stomach cancer occurs when cancer cells develop inside the lining of the stomach read more

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The Four Pillars of The Stegall Cancer Protocol

Pillar 1: TARGET

Target Cancer Cells


Stimulate the Immune System

Pillar 3: PROTECT

Protect Healthy Cells

Pillar 4: NOURISH

Nourish the Soul

The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.
- Sir William Osler

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