We know that chemotherapy works in killing cancer cells. The dilemma in conventional oncology is whether the high doses of chemotherapy used over time will kill the patient before it kills the cancer. High dose chemotherapy often carries with it significant toxicity symptoms affecting multiple organ systems including digestive organs, the brain, heart, and lungs. This is why many patients feel much worse after starting chemotherapy than they did before treatment began. Sadly, the toxicity burden can weigh heavily on patients’ bodies, resulting in significant collateral damage, poor quality of life, and death.

Insulin potentiation therapy, known as IPT, is a procedure whereby low doses of chemotherapy are given on a more frequent basis. By administering safe doses of insulin along with specific chemotherapeutic agents, the chemotherapy is preferentially taken up by cancer cells due to those cells’ unique physiology. The doses of chemotherapy used in IPT are usually about 10-20% of the amount used by most oncologists in conventional treatment. Lower doses of chemotherapy mean that:

  • The body’s healthy cells are exposed to significantly less chemotherapy
  • The incidence and severity of side effects such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and hair loss are much lower
  • The body’s immune system is stronger
  • Quality of life is generally better

Dr. Stegall views IPT as a heat-seeking missile, precisely targeted with very little collateral damage. Contrast this with conventional high dose chemotherapy, which is analogous to the atom bomb which results in widespread damage.

Many people who are not familiar with IPT believe that it must be a new therapy. However, it was actually developed in the 1930s by Donato Perez Garcia, MD to treat syphilis. He soon realized that it could be effective in other diseases as well, and began using it successfully to treat cancer patients. Sadly, IPT has not caught on in mainstream medicine circles, although it is certainly a top treatment used by most integrative cancer physicians. Dr. Stegall feels that it is a vital component of virtually all cancer treatment protocols.

Patient Feedback:

Would highly recommend Dr. Stegall

I am very pleased with my experience and would highly recommend Dr. Stegall to anyone looking for an integrative oncologist.

Teresa, TN

I saw patients getting better and better

As the days went by, I saw patients getting better and better, and at the end of their treatment they looked like completely healthy patients.

Sandy, GA

Staff are awesome

Dr. Stegall and his staff are awesome.

Kim, FL

One on one care

The IPT therapy is very individualized and patients receive one on one care during each session.

Teresa, TN

Communicates well

The entire staff communicates well together and with patients regarding treatment.

Teresa, TN

Second to none

The staff here is second to none. They have become my family!

Denise, OH

Caring and compassionate

The staff is very caring and compassionate.

 Julie, SC

Outstanding support

Dr. Stegall provides outstanding support on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Ann, GA

Calmed my fears

Dr. Stegall and his staff calmed my fears and encouraged me each day.

Denise, OH

This is the place to be

If you have cancer, this is the place to be. I call it the ‘cancer spa.’

Kim, FL

The most caring physician

Dr. Stegall is the most caring physician.

Denise, OH

Kind, compassionate, and very caring

I have found Dr. Stegall and his staff to be knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, and very caring.

Teresa, TN

Knowledgeable and careful

Dr. Stegall is very knowledgeable and careful with treatments.

 Julie, SC

Such care and respect

I’ve never been to an office where the patients are treated with such care and respect by both the staff and doctor.

Sandy, GA

Highly recommended

I highly recommend this center for your cancer treatment.

Sandy, GA

Customized and personalized

Dr. Stegall’s treatments are customized and personalized. He is caring and concerned about all the issues going on with your body.

Kim, FL

Wonderful care

I have received the most wonderful care from Dr. Stegall!

Denise, OH

Quality care

I have never, in my life, received this quality of care anywhere!

Denise, OH

Has given me hope

Not only have I received wonderful care, but I’ve been educated on how to take care of myself, which has given me hope. I truly believe I will beat this!

Denise, OH