On December 23, 1971, Richard Nixon signed the National Cancer Act and declared a “war on cancer.” Over 40 years have passed since then, and billions of dollars have been raised for cancer research. Some valuable insights into cancer have occurred, but unfortunately we have not seen significantly improved outcomes for cancer as a whole.

In 1900, 1 in 20 people got cancer, but in 2000, that number was 1 in 3.
Over 1 million people are diagnosed with a new cancer each year.
A 2004 report in the Journal of Clinical Oncology revealed that the five year survival rate for stage IV cancer in the United States is just 2.1%.
According to 2005 data from the American Cancer Society, as well as 2010 data from the Centers for Disease Control, we see that the overall death rate for cancer over the past 60 years is virtually unchanged.

We are clearly losing the war on cancer.

Dr. Stegall is ushering in what he believes should be the new standard of care for cancer treatment – 21st century healthcare, which is personalized for each patient and combines the best of modern medicine with effective natural therapies.

Dr. Stegall is a specialist in integrative oncology, which has been defined by the Best Answer for Cancer Foundation as “A systemic, patient-centered, healing-oriented, whole-person, and functional approach to the individualistic causes and treatment of cancer using all appropriate therapies.” Dr. Stegall feels that such a philosophy is our best approach toward fighting cancer.

For the large majority of cancers, Dr. Stegall believes that neither a purely conventional approach nor a purely natural approach is optimal. This is why Dr. Stegall employs insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) using low dose chemotherapy, in combination with natural treatments such as IV vitamin C, herbs, and nutrients.

In addition, he employs advanced cancer nutrition strategies and even off-label pharmaceutical drugs such as low dose naltrexone to provide the body the tools it needs to best fight cancer.

Cancer care should focus on on each patient, and his or her unique history. It should be integrative, holistic, functional, and safe, with as few side effects as possible. The treatment modalities employed should take into consideration each patient’s goals. In order to do this, there must be a strong partnership between doctor and patient with both parties being committed to work closely together for the long term.

Dr. Stegall gained a special appreciation for the doctor-patient dynamic through his research on the topic at Harvard Medical School.

To learn more about some of the integrative approaches Dr. Stegall uses to treat cancer, please click on the menu at the top of the page labeled “Treatments.”

Patient Feedback:

Quality care

I have never, in my life, received this quality of care anywhere!

Denise, OH

Has given me hope

Not only have I received wonderful care, but I’ve been educated on how to take care of myself, which has given me hope. I truly believe I will beat this!

Denise, OH

I saw patients getting better and better

As the days went by, I saw patients getting better and better, and at the end of their treatment they looked like completely healthy patients.

Sandy, GA

Wonderful care

I have received the most wonderful care from Dr. Stegall!

Denise, OH

Kind, compassionate, and very caring

I have found Dr. Stegall and his staff to be knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, and very caring.

Teresa, TN

Staff are awesome

Dr. Stegall and his staff are awesome.

Kim, FL

Caring and compassionate

The staff is very caring and compassionate.

 Julie, SC

This is the place to be

If you have cancer, this is the place to be. I call it the ‘cancer spa.’

Kim, FL

Knowledgeable and careful

Dr. Stegall is very knowledgeable and careful with treatments.

 Julie, SC

Calmed my fears

Dr. Stegall and his staff calmed my fears and encouraged me each day.

Denise, OH

Would highly recommend Dr. Stegall

I am very pleased with my experience and would highly recommend Dr. Stegall to anyone looking for an integrative oncologist.

Teresa, TN

Outstanding support

Dr. Stegall provides outstanding support on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Ann, GA

The most caring physician

Dr. Stegall is the most caring physician.

Denise, OH

One on one care

The IPT therapy is very individualized and patients receive one on one care during each session.

Teresa, TN

Second to none

The staff here is second to none. They have become my family!

Denise, OH

Highly recommended

I highly recommend this center for your cancer treatment.

Sandy, GA

Such care and respect

I’ve never been to an office where the patients are treated with such care and respect by both the staff and doctor.

Sandy, GA

Communicates well

The entire staff communicates well together and with patients regarding treatment.

Teresa, TN

Customized and personalized

Dr. Stegall’s treatments are customized and personalized. He is caring and concerned about all the issues going on with your body.

Kim, FL