Understanding cancer, and how it develops in the body, is an extremely important topic. In fact, “what is cancer?” is one of the first topics Dr. Stegall addresses with his patients. When cancer is first diagnosed, the mind tends to quickly focus on the prognosis, the treatments, and the potential side effects. Many patients are in such a state of shock, to the point that they do not even remember details of this meeting.

By the time they are in our office, they have likely heard and read so much information – often conflicting information – that they are overwhelmed. All of these emotions and feelings are understandable. That is why Dr. Stegall likes to take a step back, define cancer, and discuss what it is and how it develops in the body.

Cancer is defined as a collection of over 100 related diseases, characterized by the unregulated growth of abnormal cells. These abnormal cells were once normal, healthy cells. The process of converting these normal cells into abnormal cells involves three steps, which will be discussed below. During this process, the cancerous cells learn how to evade the body’s system of checks and balances, which is why the unregulated growth continues. A normal cell isn’t allowed to do that.

Our discussion of cancer must focus on the cells of the body. Many people are surprised to hear that they have over 100 trillion cells. These cells work together to perform all of the functions needed for survival. These cells are uniquely specialized for their given function(s), but they are quite similar for the most part. They have an outer structure, called the cell membrane, which provides structure to the cell and also allows certain things to enter and leave the cell. The cells also have many important internal structures, such as the nucleus, which contain DNA – the cell’s genetic material. The mitochondria are also found inside the cell, and they are extremely important because they make ATP – the cell’s energy currency.

Patient Feedback:

Customized and personalized

Dr. Stegall’s treatments are customized and personalized. He is caring and concerned about all the issues going on with your body.

Kim, FL

Calmed my fears

Dr. Stegall and his staff calmed my fears and encouraged me each day.

Denise, OH

The most caring physician

Dr. Stegall is the most caring physician.

Denise, OH

Has given me hope

Not only have I received wonderful care, but I’ve been educated on how to take care of myself, which has given me hope. I truly believe I will beat this!

Denise, OH

Communicates well

The entire staff communicates well together and with patients regarding treatment.

Teresa, TN

I saw patients getting better and better

As the days went by, I saw patients getting better and better, and at the end of their treatment they looked like completely healthy patients.

Sandy, GA

Quality care

I have never, in my life, received this quality of care anywhere!

Denise, OH

Second to none

The staff here is second to none. They have become my family!

Denise, OH

Kind, compassionate, and very caring

I have found Dr. Stegall and his staff to be knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, and very caring.

Teresa, TN

Caring and compassionate

The staff is very caring and compassionate.

 Julie, SC

This is the place to be

If you have cancer, this is the place to be. I call it the ‘cancer spa.’

Kim, FL

Highly recommended

I highly recommend this center for your cancer treatment.

Sandy, GA

One on one care

The IPT therapy is very individualized and patients receive one on one care during each session.

Teresa, TN

Outstanding support

Dr. Stegall provides outstanding support on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Ann, GA

Would highly recommend Dr. Stegall

I am very pleased with my experience and would highly recommend Dr. Stegall to anyone looking for an integrative oncologist.

Teresa, TN

Wonderful care

I have received the most wonderful care from Dr. Stegall!

Denise, OH

Knowledgeable and careful

Dr. Stegall is very knowledgeable and careful with treatments.

 Julie, SC

Staff are awesome

Dr. Stegall and his staff are awesome.

Kim, FL

Such care and respect

I’ve never been to an office where the patients are treated with such care and respect by both the staff and doctor.

Sandy, GA

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